Joining Dreams and Living

Our joint aim is to create for you a joyful and an out-of-the-ordinary space for living

The art of living requires finesse, determination and an unmistakeable sense of style and design. This is you part in the creative process. Our contribution is to capture your personality and help you translate your personal lifestyle habits into something tangible which you can enjoy every day of your life.

According to your taste and desires you yourself chose forms, material and colours. Following your own dreams and wishes we assist you to create great spaces for living. Instead of cramping your life with dull furniture we join you in your ambition to fill your home with the unbridled freedom of your personal unfolding.


A great scoop
of delight

A kitchens like no other, made to measure your style and your budget

The recipe for your dream kitchen is quite simple. We keep to serve up measure-made kitchens with a scoop of experience, a delicious topping of craftsmanship and sprinkles of personalized features. We will build your kitchen with all its ingredients and distinctive details to match your particular needs leaving you to enjoy your role as chef.

In some aspects the art of joinery equals the work of all great chefs: virtuosity enables them both to create the exceptional from an assortment of base ingredients. Just imagine the delightful mixture of design and functionality, the surprisingly tasteful collision of different materials, the composition of selected fronts, worktops and surfaces and the overall end effect in our own home!



Good, clean and Fair: sustainable products Made By local artisans

Contemporary lifestyle has rediscovered the traditional concept of open spaces. Kitchens open up to living rooms, to friends and to endless possibilities. This new attitude towards living opens up your mind, makes you think out of the box and bears the challenge to create a coherent overall picture.

Starting from the kitchen or from whatever point you choose our team will help you build a unique expression of your individuality. Each piece of furniture that leaves our production comes in true EMME quality, which implies that it is hand-built to order by Swiss craftsmen using sustainable raw material and clean energy.

Inspiration to browse


your senses

Your own private paradise or an Experience to share

The least mentioned - the more valued: the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Essentially, this is the room where you get your day started every morning. When your day ends, it may serve you as a strictly private retreat.

Nevertheless, living is about more than making yourself feel at home. Some practical questions have to be considered, e.g. sleeping, dressing, children's needs and toys, just to name a few. Our team of joiners and planners is well acquainted with the essential questions of life, and you may rely on them to find the perfectly fitting solution for your individual lifestyle.

Advice & Inspiration

on designing your personal kitchen and interior fitting

3D Cinema

We visualize your future home

Just take a seat and watch your plans come alive on the big screen. Before starting production, we show a live-size model of your future kitchen in 3D rendering in order to adjust every little details to your cooking habits.

Colour & Light Studio

SEE and Sense

Colour and lights may create contrasts, put a special feature in the limelight and they originate a pleasant ambience. Talking about surfaces: which are your favourite colours? Which material to choose for your worktop? Which light installation to combine with your choice? In our studio you can playfully test all these effects and possible combinations.

Free Online Planning

Play around with your ideas

Before making an appointment and involving our specialists you can take the fist step yourself. Get inspired by some basic facilities and take your time to think about the style of your kitchen, how much available space you have and what type of layout you would like.

Start online planning

Added Values

a success story

Take off with CPT. MARC ZIMMERLI

Make your ideas take flight and check in for your personal visions. It may inspire you to accompany chief pilot Marc Zimmerli and his family on their way of building their perfect kitchen. Even more so, it's a decent way to take a fist glimpse at how we work and the services we offer.

Play the movie!



To achieve unparalleled personalisation careful planning is required. Take your time to make your own design suggestions and collaborate with our expert planners and experienced joiners. Apart from being master of their craft, they are good and attentive listeners. Help our team to build and craft your unique expression of living and shape your dreams.

Make an appointment

For all needs and all budgets

Each piece hand-built to order

Our planners go to great lengths to make your kitchen or your interior fitting exactly as you have always envisaged it. For us the accepted norm is rather a challenge than a boundary. We aim for nothing less than perfection which exactly meets your preferences and lifestyle and which will perfectly fit into your space and into your budgetary framework.

The quality of craftsmanship

This is EMME

There is an unmistakeable sign for true Swiss handcraftsmanship: EMME is our final seal of approval which you will find on cabinets and cupboards or in the drawers produced in the Emmental. We stand by our word and grant you a 10 years guarantee period on our work.

values of our trademark

Assembly & Installation

Reliability to the last

Pursuing the single-source philosophy, our own assembly team plays a crucial role in staging your dreams of living. Finally it's them who deliver and expertly assemble kitchen or furniture in your own home. At the end of the day, housewives are usually pleased to discover that they handle vacuum cleaner and cleaning rags with the same careful routine as they apply assembly Tools.

Out of the ordinary

UELI ARM, Consulting & Sales

If you live in Switzerland you might have had the pleasure to receive one of the tasty smoked sausages which we sometimes send to our clients. They are hand-made in the Emmental according to a secret recipe our sales manager Ueli Arm created himself. He simply loves to spoil his clients with the extraordinary.

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Room to inspire
in 360-degree

Welcome to a virtual 360-degree panorama tour
promoting our show room

The treasure box
in the very heart
of Langnau

Our show room might not be the world's greatest exhibition of kitchens and furniture but it certainly counts for one of the most treasured.

The address speaks for itself: 1A

As we opened up our showroom on June 28th in 2014 it was quite an event for the small town of Langnau in the Emmental. For our team of joiners this date marked a major step in the development of our company. Finally we got a place to display our creations, an atelier full of inspiration, and the possibility to make EMME handcraftsmanship tangible.

The short film shot on June 28th in 2014 captures a few impressions of the opening event and provides an additional means to get a picture of our showroom. It might also help to to understand our motivation. Our work is all about beauty, about fine craftsmanship, about the experience of joy and quality and about our families and friends deeply rooted in the Emmental.

Thinking about our strive for perfection, our address in Langnau is easy to remember and even more easy to find in the very heart of the small town: simply 1A. Apart from an abundance of inspirations our showroom also houses our planning atelier including colour- & light-studio and the 3D cinema.

Dorfstrasse 1A ~ 3550 Langnau im Emmental
T +41 34 497 72 72  ~  F +41 34 497 72 70

We are open from TUE to FRI 1.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Visits, consultations and planning discussions outside business hours by appointment only.
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To make sure that we can fully concentrate on your planning and personal wishes, we recommend to call in order to arrange for an appointment.