Skillfull, summiteers

Interior Fitting in the highest regions of precision and perfection

It takes reliable partners for rope teams aiming at the higher peaks of large scale projects. 120 pairs of skilful hands are on your side when it comes to major projects of interior fittings. Over the last years we had the pleasure to realise interiors for large public and private buildings like libraries, hotels, recreational centres, hospitals or office buildings all over Switzerland, some of them architectural icons.


workbench / worktable (11)
exterior doors (3)
bathroom furniture (10)
bar furnishing (5)
dressing table / vanity table (2)
library (10)
fire doors (12)
stage cladding (1)
cafeteria (8)
cabinets for chemicals (1)
corian surfaces (8)
ceiling lining (5)
shower partitions (2)
built-in wardrobes (85)
entrance doors (2)
reception desks (43)
electronics panelling (1)
waste disposal (3)
interior windows (3)
window linings (12)
windowsills (5)
escape route doors (1)
wing doors (1)
wardrobes (25)
wardrobes cabinets (10)
glass doors (3)
handrails (15)
hotel rooms (4)
interior doors (27)
chapels (1)
card-index cabinet (1)
garment hooks (1)
corpuses (10)
hall cabinets non-flammable (2)
kitchens (43)
furniture (55)
wet areas (12)
mail distribution units (7)
radiator casings (1)
room dividing units (12)
shelves (16)
refurbishment (0)
roller shutter cabinet (1)
column cladding (3)
noise absorption doors (3)
acoustic barriers (5)
sliding doors (15)
lockers (5)
school kitchen (1)
benches (18)
sockellists (1)
mirror cabinets (3)
sink units (2)
steel frame doors (2)
riser zone casings / cable ducts casing (16)
sterilisation (2)
kitchenette (12)
partition walls (6)
staircases (6)
staircase cladding (12)
stands / galleries (1)
gym panelling (8)
display case (8)
curtain walls (3)
wall racks (2)
panelling (52)
panelling non-flammable (5)
washstands (4)
lavatory partitions (13)
home interior fittings (8)

Major projects

Be part
of a winning team

More matter with none the less art

Today, we are facing an atmosphere that got more and more competitive over the last years, with cheap workers and even cheaper products pushing to enter the market. To secure competitive prices we strategically invested in technology and thus accomplished a major increase in production capacity. But we certainly are not going so far – or to sink so low – as to join in the greed-is-cool mentality or to cut down on standards of quality, fairness and sustainability.

With due pride we rely on the values and strong points that made our success so far: a team of highly qualified and highly motivated people, creative and skilful joiners who simply love what they do; we rely on typical Swiss accuracy, on the virtues of precision, reliability and efficiency.


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Major projects under construction

Verw.zentrum Guisanplatz

Location: Bern
Construction period:
Juni 16 - Herbst 18
Contract volume:
CHF 5'500'000.00
Partition walls, doors,
cable ducts casings

Pflegezentrum Tilia

Location: Köniz
Construction period:
Sep. 16 - Apr. 17
Contract volume:
CHF 805'000.00
Wardrobes, panelling,
cable ducts casings


Location: several
Construction period:
Okt. 16 - Dez. 16
Contract volume:
CHF 330'000.00
Furniture, receptions, panelling



Wood behind the arrow

With more than 120 pairs of expert hands, we cover the whole range of joinery work, from the starting point of production planning and the perfect finish by assembly and fitting at the construction site. Our skilful artisans form a well-rehearsed and highly flexible company which enjoys to premier architectural masterpieces.

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Information converted into drive and power

Continual investments keep our production technology up-to-date and enable us to offer competitive prices for large scale production though each piece is made to measure. State-of-the-art technology also applies to our IT-department which provides consistent integrated data flow within a closed CAD/CAM process chain.


Star performers united by team spirit

Everyone has the desire to win, but only champions have the desire to prepare properly. In our team of joiners, each player is equipped with a multitude of individual skills. Nevertheless, it's not one single player but it's the team who finally wins the game. Our work defines itself by the quality of how we interact, by the discipline and the precision of the whole field of players

Room to inspire
in 360-degree

Welcome to a virtual 360-degree panorama tour
promoting our show room

The treasure box
in the very heart
of Langnau

Our show room might not be the world's greatest exhibition of kitchens and furniture but it certainly counts for one of the most treasured.

The address speaks for itself: 1A

As we opened up our showroom on June 28th in 2014 it was quite an event for the small town of Langnau in the Emmental. For our team of joiners this date marked a major step in the development of our company. Finally we got a place to display our creations, an atelier full of inspiration, and the possibility to make EMME handcraftsmanship tangible.

The short film shot on June 28th in 2014 captures a few impressions of the opening event and provides an additional means to get a picture of our showroom. It might also help to to understand our motivation. Our work is all about beauty, about fine craftsmanship, about the experience of joy and quality and about our families and friends deeply rooted in the Emmental.

Thinking about our strive for perfection, our address in Langnau is easy to remember and even more easy to find in the very heart of the small town: simply 1A. Apart from an abundance of inspirations our showroom also houses our planning atelier including colour- & light-studio and the 3D cinema.

Dorfstrasse 1A ~ 3550 Langnau im Emmental
T +41 34 497 72 72  ~  F +41 34 497 72 70

We are open from TUE to FRI 1.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Visits, consultations and planning discussions outside business hours by appointment only.
Please give us a call!


To make sure that we can fully concentrate on your planning and personal wishes, we recommend to call in order to arrange for an appointment.