The art of
reshaping the tree

Experienced craftsmen and visionary technicians join forces for one single objective: to build your dream.

Fired by the passion of their craftsmanship our artisans constantly chase perfection. It's your inspiration, your personal dream that gives them their aim. Join us to go beyond the boundaries of the possible. Tell us about your dream, and our 120 pairs of expert hands will shape it.


Passion Solution

Perfect harmony requires
mutual agreement and concord.

Whereas architects and contractors take the roles of composers and conductors, we willingly act as your professional orchestra, each of our artisans being a soloist in his own rights. Thus we premiere the most demanding masterpieces with true talent and ardent virtuosity.

Passion Naturelle

Let your own story take shape

We highly estimate clients and partners whose visions and hopes are not restrained by the customs of their days. They inspire us to go beyond the expected and bring their dreams to life.

Natural beauty always had the power to inspire and to arouse emotions. Do you remember the trees in your childhood's gardens? Maybe there is a special tree, a special piece of wood you want to save as a memento and reserve for it a special place in your home. Tell us your story!


passion future

We respect what has been, knowing that tomorrow is ours to shape

We made it our passion to always push the boundaries of the possible a little further. Thus the art of reshaping a tree peaks in one of our latest achievements. 3D scanning and our state-of-the-art production technology enable us to materialize your imagination. Maybe you would like to capture the form of a beloved body, a person, a pet, and immortalise it in a wooden sculpture. - Simply amazing what joint passion can shape!

Room to inspire
in 360-degree

Welcome to a virtual 360-degree panorama tour
promoting our show room

The treasure box
in the very heart
of Langnau

Our show room might not be the world's greatest exhibition of kitchens and furniture but it certainly counts for one of the most treasured.

The address speaks for itself: 1A

As we opened up our showroom on June 28th in 2014 it was quite an event for the small town of Langnau in the Emmental. For our team of joiners this date marked a major step in the development of our company. Finally we got a place to display our creations, an atelier full of inspiration, and the possibility to make EMME handcraftsmanship tangible.

The short film shot on June 28th in 2014 captures a few impressions of the opening event and provides an additional means to get a picture of our showroom. It might also help to to understand our motivation. Our work is all about beauty, about fine craftsmanship, about the experience of joy and quality and about our families and friends deeply rooted in the Emmental.

Thinking about our strive for perfection, our address in Langnau is easy to remember and even more easy to find in the very heart of the small town: simply 1A. Apart from an abundance of inspirations our showroom also houses our planning atelier including colour- & light-studio and the 3D cinema.

Dorfstrasse 1A ~ 3550 Langnau im Emmental
T +41 34 497 72 72  ~  F +41 34 497 72 70

We are open from TUE to FRI 1.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Visits, consultations and planning discussions outside business hours by appointment only.
Please give us a call!


To make sure that we can fully concentrate on your planning and personal wishes, we recommend to call in order to arrange for an appointment.